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We work with you as partners in order to develop the optimum solution while taking due account of your requirements and the circumstances before we present you with an appropriate offer.

Feasibility tests

In tasks regarded as difficult, we will first carry out the necessary preliminary trials with sample parts of the actual workpieces in order to examine the feasibility. This allows us to assess the level of difficulty. Only when we know that we are able to solve a task will you receive an offer from us.
This gives both you and us the certainty that we will be able to manage the task in hand to your satisfaction.

Offer preparation & draft concept

We attach great importance to drafting a transparent, comprehensible and complete offer. Our offer is aimed at putting you in a position to follow the entire technical procedure.

Creation of layout, itemization / engineering design

Once you have placed your order, one of our design technicians prepares the first draft layout. After examination and approval or inclusion of any required modifications and then clearance from you, work starts on the detailed design.
We use Inventor 2021 in our design work, which ensures the easy exchange of files.

Mechanical Production

We produce most of the individual components ourselves on site and, due to this high production depth, are thus able to react flexibly to any modification required during the trial phase.

Assembly and functional trials

All produced and purchased parts are assembled and commissioned in our premises by skilled workers. None of our products leave our premises until they have undergone trials and demonstrated their reliability in processes.

Installation, commissioning

On request, we will install your machinery and plant in your premises and then carry out the commissioning.
This service is performed exclusively by our skilled personnel, who are familiar with the plant and its special features.

Training / instruction

Once the machine has been set up and is working properly, your operating personnel will receive instruction in the function and operation of the plant. Our expert trainers explain resetting processes and other special features so that you are then in a position to start up production.


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