Transport of workpieces suitable for accumulation

Linear vibratory feeders continue the transport of the goods sorted by the vibratory bowl feeder in a linear direction and, at the same time, act as an accumulation or buffer section for correctly positioned workpieces.

Other applications such as conveying or sorting chutes can also be covered by linear vibratory feeders.

Our linear vibratory drives can also be used as bunker drives.


A linear vibratory feeder essentially comprises the following components:

FMB Linear vibratory conveyor Type BSR-2

  • Vibratory drive
  • Control unit
  • Chute top, if necessary with orientation facility (only for vibratory sorting chutes)
  • Coating (according to goods to be conveyed)

Our linear vibratory drives are standard components produced by FMB.

Suitable control units are required for regulating the linear vibratory drives. They can be used to adjust the conveying speed and in many cases have a cut-off switch activated by filling level.

The chute tops are designed and produced individually for the component to be conveyed and then undergo gas nitriding or coating. Chute tops for the pharmaceutical sector are produced from stainless steel type 1.4404 and can be supplied with a finish produced by glass-bead blasting or electrolytic polishing.

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