Our core expertise lies in sorting and feeder technology.

In addition to this, we also cover the following special areas of activity:


  • Mounting of O-rings in bore or shaft grooves

  • Correctly aligned feeding of parts such as springs or circlips by means of vibratory bowl feeders

  • Feeder systems for workpieces that cannot be accumulated such as thin sheet metal parts or ondular washers

  • Gentle, quiet and low-wear feeding with our own low-frequency feeders developed in-house (unique on the market)

  • Storage hoppers with volumes of up to 750 litres and low-frequency feeder technology for very large load weights of up to 2,000 kg

  • Vibratory drives developed in-house with drive diameters of up to 1,000 mm for especially large or heavy workpieces

  • Feeder units for medical technology or the food industry in a pharmacy-grade design compliant with FDA regulations and GMP guidelines

  • High-performance sorting devices

  • Demanding image processing tasks and robot applications

Competence solutions

  • O-ring assembly

    Feeding and mounting of O-rings in bore or shaft grooves with a special combination gripper module. This enables the mounting operation to be reduced to a few components and performed in safety.

    The video shows an example of an automated solution for assembling three different O-rings onto two components, which are then joined together after the O-rings have been mounted. After the joining operation, a further O-ring is mounted and the O-rings are inspected visually for correct positioning.

  • Feeder systems for workpieces not suitable for accumulation

    Workpieces with very thin walls or no storage surfaces cannot be fed into conventional accumulation sections. For workpieces such as this we have developed a feeder concept with which it is possible to feed in these parts without allowing them to accumulate. Despite this technique (synchronized mode), it is possible to achieve cycle times of less than 2 seconds*.

    (*All performance figures depend on the workpiece)

  • High-performance feeder systems

    In a direct comparison with the competition, high-performance feeder machines from FMB with drive diameters of 630 mm and above offer an increase in performance of up to 25%.

    The video shows an example of vibratory bowl feeder for screws with a feed rate in excess of 1,100 pieces/min.*

    (*All performance figures depend on the workpiece)

  • Feeder solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

    FMB produces feeder solutions for medical technology or the food industry in a pharmacy-grade design compliant with FDA regulations and GMP guidelines.

    Whether for a vibratory bowl feeder or a complete solution – the use of pharmaceutical grade materials such as stainless steel type 1.4404, plastics and a wide range of coating procedures with FDA approval is just as much a part of our standard procedure as the supply of the appropriate inspection certificates.


  • Low-frequency feeder technology to protect workpieces

    Workpieces with very sensitive surfaces and/or delicate edges have to be sorted and conveyed with care. The FMB range includes a low-frequency feeder which is capable of meeting precisely the requirements involved in such applications.

    This equipment has been developed in-house by FMB and, for several decades now, has been successfully implemented in fields such as valve manufacture. FMB is the sole worldwide supplier of these machines to the major valve producing companies.

    The video shows an example of a BGF-40 low-frequency feeder for conveying lamps.


Know-how – Solutions by FMB

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