Quality assurance for 100% control

As a manufacturer of assembly systems and special machines, we are familiar with the requirement to subject workpieces to be supplied or fully assembled assemblies to a 100% inspection for quality assurance.

In order to be able to cover this task, we dealt with industrial image processing at a very early stage, and implemented the first solutions with it in the mid-1990s. Due to the growing demands on quality control, many other different test methods have been integrated into our machines and systems in the course of our company history.

We are a system integrator of various test technologies:


  • Position and / or length control of workpieces with line scan cameras such as the Festo Checkbox Compact

  • Position and / or completeness control with vision sensors (preferably Keyence, ifm, etc.)

  • Surface inspection with laser triangulation sensors

  • Optical inspection with high-resolution image processing systems for component measurement or surface inspection

  • Measuring systems for leak testing, flow or differential pressure measurement

  • Force-displacement monitoring of joining processes

  • Acoustic resonance analysis (sound test) for non-destructive component testing for cracks or structural defects

  • Non-destructive hardness test using the Barkhausen method (Barkhausen noise analysis)

  • Non-destructive material testing with eddy current testing to detect cracks or voids

  • Functional test of completed assemblies


Technology solutions:


  • Position detection of workpieces that cannot be mechanically sorted using a vibratory bowl conveyor
    (partly possible as an integrated BV solution)

  • Checking quality features on workpieces such as surface control, completeness

  • Recognize and select according to type characteristics

  • Non-destructive testing of material properties such as cracks, structural or hardness defects

  • Measuring physical quantities such as force / displacement / time

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DIN EN ISO 14001


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