The new way of emptying containers!

With a conventional container tipping device, a container is pivoted overhead and the container contents are usually dumped in a separate storage bunker.

This has several disadvantages:

  • Due to the drop from a tipping device into a storage bunker of partially Damage to the parts of several 100 mm can result from the parts falling out and hitting each other. The result is pseudo rejects to be avoided.

  • The emptying process with a tipping device is very loud due to the drop height of the parts, depending on the nature and resonance of the workpieces, noise peaks> 120 dB (A) can occur.

  • The storage and dosing bunker required in addition to the tipping device means that additional parking space and additional energy are required.



Our solution:

BGE container emptying system - more than just a tipping device!

Container emptying system type BGE - more than just a tipping device!

Many types of containers can be emptied with the help of the FMB glide conveyor technology without tipping device and additional storage bunker.

With the container emptying system BGE (container sliding emptying) it is now possible for the first time to gently and quietly convey the products to be supplied directly from the transport container with the help of FMB sliding conveyor technology, and to dose them into the downstream device such as a vibratory bowl conveyor.


BGE container emptying system with slide conveyor technology - more than just a tipping device!


As one of the leading manufacturers of sorting and feeding technology, we are showing, in addition to our proven components such as High-performance vibratory bowl feeder, spiral slide conveyor, large bunker with slide conveyor technology and feeding systems for workpieces that cannot be stowed, again an innovative feeding solution as a result of decades of experience and know-how.


The BGE container emptying system is a novelty on the market and is only offered by FMB!


Container emptying with slide conveyor technology

More than just a tipping device.

A standard parts container is placed on the vibrating platform using a forklift. The container is closed from above with a hydraulically operated lid, clamped firmly in the swivel frame, and by min. Pivoted 90 ° into the emptying position.
Now a bulkhead in the lid is opened and the system starts to vibrate. The vibrations are directed by the system in such a way that the standard parts container is emptied using the sliding conveyor method.


The flow of parts at the transition to on-site plant technology is monitored. If there is no flow of parts, the container is swiveled back into the basic position and unlocked. The container can be changed.


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No additional storage bunker required.




Other systems for emptying containers:

  • Unloading platform type EPL-1 for special containers, e.g. Container with side wall opening:

    The container is fixed on a swing frame using power clamps. The side wall is now opened specifically and the tank is slowly emptied by the vibratory drive.

    This system also does not require a tipping device.


Solutions by FMB - your transport container becomes a bunker!



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