Universal conveyor systems

Conveyor belts are used for the linear transport of ordered and unordered workpieces. Furthermore, they act as an accumulation or buffer section for specifically oriented workpieces as well as a conveyor system for the workpieces that cannot be accumulated or are unordered.

FMB produces conveyor belts individually according to the task in hand:


  • Buffer section for aligned individual parts

  • Input or output belt

  • Timing belt with and without flights

  • Transport section for workpiece carrier

  • Drive components for belt conveyor hopper

  • Single or multiple belt designs

  • Head or centre drive

  • Optionally with frequency converter and incremental encoder for component tracking

A conveyor belt essentially comprises the following components:

  • Electric motor drive
  • Transport belt
  • Lateral or height guides
  • Belt stands

Depending on the design size and load of the system, either 3-phase, direct current or gear motors are used for conveyor belts.

Depending on the application and belt system, our conveyor belts can be provided in different designs:

  • PU or fabric belt
  • Flat or toothed belt
  • Roller chain
  • Hinged plate belt
  • Models with and without flights possible

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DIN EN ISO 14001


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