Bunkers with Filling capacity from 5 to 750 litres

Depending on the size and weight of the material to be conveyed, the desired storage capacity and the metering characteristics of the workpiece, our storage hoppers can be designed with different drive concepts.

Storage hopper Typ BVB-750

  • Vibrating hopper of type BVB-5 - BVB-50:
    Linear vibrating drive of type BSR-2 with micro-ejector technology

  • Vibrating hopper of type BVB-50 - BVB-150:
    Linear vibrating drive of type BSR-3 with micro-ejector technology

  • Vibrating hopper of type BVB-300 - BVB-750:
    Low-frequency drive of type BBR-12/4 with low-frequency feeder technology

  • Belt hopper / inclined belt hopper type BB/SBB
    Belt drive powered by electric motor

The benefits of FMB storage hoppers are clear to see:

  • Effective filling capacity of up to 750 litresStorage hopper Typ BVB-600 with low-frequency feeder technology
  • Load weight of up to 2,000 kg

  • Special control electronics for maintaining a constant conveying speed even with large differences in load weight

  • Very low noise level even in continuous operation

  • Gentle conveying of sensitive workpieces

  • Extremely low wear levels due to tough polyurethane coating

  • Energy-savings due to automatic power control

All hopper systems also available in pharmaceutical grade design.


Vibrating hopper

A vibrating hopper essentially comprises the following components:

  • Vibratory drive (micro-ejection or low-frequency feeder technology)
  • Control unit (phase control device or control electronics)
  • Hopper bowl 5 to 750 litres
  • Coating (according to goods to be conveyed)
  • Base

Belt conveyor hopper

A belt conveyor hopper essentially comprises the following components:

  • Drive powered by electric motor
  • Transport belt
  • Hopper bowl 5 to 750 litres
  • Base

Depending on the hopper size and load weight, different drive sizes and concepts can be employed to power our vibrating hoppers.

Either 3-phase, direct current or gear motors are used for conveyor belt hoppers.

Appropriate control units are required for regulating the linear vibrating drives of the storage hoppers. They can be used to adjust the conveying speed and in many cases have a cut-off switch activated by filling level. Depending on the size of the storage hopper, we employ tried and tested techniques, with either phase control or frequency control units.

The hopper bowls come in standard sizes and have a sturdy welded construction. Their production and coating depends on the application in hand. Hopper bowls for the pharmaceutical sector are made of stainless steel type 1.4404 and can be supplied with a finish produced by glass-bead blasting or electrolytic polishing.

The coating of the hopper bowls matches the material to be conveyed and not only reduces noise but also prevents wear and protects the material being conveyed. In most cases, the coating material is polyurethane in thicknesses ranging from 3 – 10 mm.


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