Services provided

Service is not just a buzzword for us.

Rather, service is with us for comprehensive services even after project completion.

The following...

Special machinery

Individual purpose-built machines

As a manufacturer of special machinery, we are always called in when standard solutions are no longer...

Testing technology

Quality assurance for 100% control

As a manufacturer of assembly systems and special machines, we are familiar with the requirement to...

Assembly systems

Assembly plant from a respectable source.

Assembly systems are used to automate the assembly process of two or more components...

Feeding technology

Feeding units with components from our own development.

At FMB, we produce all components for feeder technology on our own premises. We...

Container emptying systems

The new way of emptying containers!

With a conventional container tipping device, a container is pivoted overhead and the container...

Storage hopper

Filling capacity from 5 to 750 litres

Depending on the size and weight of the material to be conveyed, the desired storage capacity and...

Hopper elevators

Metering or sorting

Hopper elevators are a combination of inclined conveyor and storage hopper and are used for building inventory and...

Vibratory bowl feeder

Sorting technology for mass-produced parts

Vibratory bowl feeders convey the workpieces using the micro ejector principle onto a circular...

Low-frequency feeder

Feeding sensitive parts

In low-frequency feeders, the material being conveyed does not rise from the conveying track but slides forward...

Storage table

Vibratory and belt storage tables

Storage tables are stocked manually with correctly positioned goods to be conveyed and are used for...

Linear vibrating feeders

Transport of workpieces suitable for accumulation

Linear vibratory feeders continue the transport of the goods sorted by the vibratory...


Universal conveyor systems

Conveyor belts are used for the linear transport of ordered and unordered workpieces. Furthermore, they act as...

Singulation system

Provisioning bulk goods in the correct position

Feed limiting devices are used for singling out and provisioning workpieces so that they...



FMB not only supplies complete feeder units but also individual components for feeder technology.


Services provided

This term is not only a buzzword for us but stands for a comprehensive range of services even after project implementation.


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